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GDPR, Article 15 provides subject right of access to confirm whether or not personal data is being processed:

It is MNX policy during the normal course of business to collect information required to ship goods on public/private conveyance. Examples of conveyance include all commercial airlines, private charters, FedEx, UPS, DHL, ocean, and trucking companies. We will collect your business name(the name you use at work), business address, business email address and business phone numbers plus information related to pickup and delivery addresses and pertinent information to process shipments through customs. We do not collect home addresses, home email, home phone numbers, dates of birth, ethnic, racial or financial information on customers. We do collect financial information on companies including tax IDs to ensure they are properly invoiced.

Data Subjects have the right to confirm whether or not personal data is being processed. Submit the name you used at work and the company name for which you processed shipments with MNX. If there is a match we will provide the information we have. Since we don't process "personal information" we can affirm your personal data is not being processed for any purpose. If you submitted a shipment on behalf of your employer your business name was used as the point of contact.

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If you are an employee of MNX Global Logistics and have questions about personal data please contact Human Resources.

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